Who We Are

St. Luke’s is an open, affirming, inclusive, antiracist Methodist church located in Indianapolis. No matter who you are or what your story is, we welcome you with unconditional love - exactly how Jesus does. Whether you’re a longtime churchgoer, someone in the midst of deconstructing their faith, or an individual exploring this whole Jesus thing for the first time, we are excited to have you join us. Because of this, expect to see diversity at St. Luke's - in age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and life experience.

Open Statement

At St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, we are an open community of Christians helping people find and give hope through Jesus Christ - regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, disability, or socioeconomic background. We work to ensure that our congregation and its leadership represent the community in which we are located. We are dedicated to including women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ as staff and in positions of leadership and decision making. We renounce the way religion has been used throughout history to support racism, war, discrimination, genocide, violence, and poverty, and we pledge to rid ourselves of the conscious and unconscious biases when sacred stories are used to uphold injustice. We are particularly sensitive to the issues facing our brothers and sisters of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals, both within the United Methodist Church and in the general society. We pledge to be leaders in eradicating racism and discrimination. You are invited to join us. 

Becoming Anti-Racist

Becoming Anti-Racist is a journey, a life-long commitment to "do justice". We are not all starting from the same place or life experiences and that is okay. We are simply asking you to lean in and open yourself up to learning. We're sharing resources and encouragement, hosting trainings and events, and taking action to help each of us become Anti-Racist. We want to impact our community and bring about change. Click on the link below and create bold change with us.


The United Methodist Church is a global denomination that opens hearts, opens minds, and opens doors through active engagement with our world. The mission of The United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action. This emphasis on what Wesley referred to as "practical divinity" has continued to be a hallmark of United Methodism today.

At the recent gathering of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference delegates approved a statement declaring who we are called to be as United Methodists in these challenging times for the church and society.

Covenant to Build a Beloved Community

God the Creator, who brings creation into existence, upholds and reveals the ways of life that make for peace and wholeness and works to heal and transform lives through the power of love.

God the Son, Jesus Christ, the firstborn of a new creation, who through his life, death and resurrection saves us and all creatures from the power of sin and death.

God the Holy Spirit, who comforts, sustains, guides, and empowers us to participate in God's life and mission in the world.

Who God created in God's divine image, with inherent worth and dignity. 

Who confronts and suffers the distorting and destructive effects of sin in this life.

Whom God has reconciled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, defeating the powers of sin and death.

Whom God seeks to make holy and whole, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, transforming us into Christ-likeness.

Where people worship God joyfully, proclaim God's Word faithfully, and share the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion.

Where all people are welcomed and nurtured as God's sons and daughters.

Where people are initiated into Christ's body and nurtured toward Christian maturity through worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and service.

Where the light of God's love, justice, and peace exposes and overrules evil, injustice, and sin.

Where we participate in God's mission of inviting, preparing, and enlisting disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world and follow the risen Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, into the hurting places of the world and among the outcasts and the forgotten. 

Authoritative in matters of faith and practice.

Containing the story of God’s mighty acts of salvation in creation, in faithful engagement with people through the ages, and supremely in Jesus Christ.

The primary source for understanding the nature and purposes of God.

Interpreted in the power of the Holy Spirit present in the community of faith.

Anticipating the firstfruits made possible today through the power of the Spirit and the reign of Christ. 

Discovering a renewed creation where sin, suffering, and death are overcome and God’s victory is complete. 

Celebrating with all the faithful who are raised to live eternally in God’s loving presence.

Extending God’s love to the whole creation, with God's mercy receiving all God’s works, all that God loves.

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