Making Disciples

May 31, 2024 • Jon Jones, Senior Director of Discipleship at St. Luke's

One of the most curious sections of the Bible for me has always been Jesus' final words to his people. Matthew and Acts differ a little about the exact phrasing of what he said, but substantively it's the same. Go out and "make disciples." Make disciples? 

Disciple is an old phrase that we don't use all that often anymore. It simply means learner. Jesus is saying go and help people to be learners of a new way of living. Go and teach people about the overlap of heaven and earth that you've seen. 

I find it absolutely incredible that God would ever put this responsibility in our hands. Have you ever thought about that? Why not just let Jesus keep on going and teaching? He was pretty effective at the whole disciple thing. Yet, that's not the way that the story plays out. God hands over this unique responsibility of teaching about the beauty of redemption and grace to us. You might not feel qualified to teach anything about God to someone else. You underestimate yourself.  

If you are a follower of Jesus, you have something to offer. God has been at work inside you. Perhaps the truth is that God believes in you more than you do in yourself. Crazy right? In Adult Discipleship we have opportunities for YOU to step into leading and helping others learn about the way of God. What would happen if you began to see your capabilities the way God does? Your world might never be the same. Join in with Adult Discipleship this fall and see what God can do through you. 

~ Jon 

Jon Jones, Senior Director of Discipleship at St. Luke's