The goal of contemplation is to be open to God at a deep soul level.

Labyrinth walking is a spiritual discipline that involves focused motion and prayer or meditation. St. Luke’s offers three labyrinths:

  • An eight-circuit Chartres style labyrinth painted on the floor of N103/104 (check schedule by door for availability)
  • An 84-foot day-lily and mulch 11-circuit Chartres style labyrinth located north of Luke’s Lodge
  • An 11-circuit canvas Chartres style portable labyrinth
The outdoor labyrinth blooms gloriously in late June. Be a part of this gift to our congregation and the wider community by volunteering to weed a small section twice a month in the spring and summer when your schedule permits. Email Betty Brandt to volunteer.

Spiritual Direction, also known as Spiritual Companionship, is the ancient practice of the world's major religions. In this practice, a relationship between a trained Spiritual Director (mentor) and another person (directee) who desires to grow in union with God is developed through regular meetings. During this time, there will be conversations about ways God may be touching your life. This is not psychotherapy or counseling as they deal with emotional suffering, pain or trauma in episodic meetings, whereas Spiritual Direction deals with ongoing meetings for the inexperienced person to grow in relationship with the divine.

Here is a list of Indianapolis area spiritual directors and their contact information. 

This ministry provides "hands-on" healing sessions for those experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual pain or stress. Come be surrounded by the love of God. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Centering Prayer Ongoing Group
Mondays, 7-8PM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for the link.
The goal of Christian centering prayer is to be open to God at the deepest soul level. Expect to sit in silence as a group for 20 minutes to enrich your personal practice.

Bible Journaling for Spiritual Growth
1st Saturdays, 10AM - 12PM. Contact Betty Brandt for location
Bible journaling, a cross between scrapbooking, journaling and Bible Study, is a creative and fresh way to explore Scripture. Dig deeper into God's work, find what speaks to you and use craft supplies to express it. Come when you can! G

Contemplative Outreach Centering Prayer Group
4th Saturdays, January - May, 8:45 - 11:30AM | N101/102
Expect an opportunity to practice Centering Prayer, view selected videos, share in small groups and close with Lectio Divina. All Fall Presentations will be selections from "A Taste of Beauty, Truth and Wisdom" with talks by both Fr. Thomas Keating and Fr. Richard Rohr. Free will offering taken with no registration required to attend.

1st Wednesdays, 6:15 - 7:15PM, Robertson Chapel
Contemplative Worship is an opportunity to still our internal busyness, allowing us to settle deeply into our spiritual center. Contemplative worship moves us into prayer and communion with God before going out to engage the world in our work and relationships. Expect music, silence, devotional reading and lots of candles to accompany each theme.

A variety of artistic expressions are exhibited all year in the gallery above the Gathering Area. Exhibits change monthly and artists hold a reception one Sunday morning each month. For inquiries about exhibiting, contact Jenny Godby.

Art Exhibit | Throughout July • The Gallery (2nd Floor near the Sanctuary)

This month, we are featuring the artwork of Brinton Farrand. The exhibit is titled "Follow Your Passion" and includes oil paintings of dancers, musicians, and bike riders. His art is high energy with lots of color and movement. You can see his work at

Studio 3 Art Ministry
Thursdays 10AM - 12PM via Zoom
Artists creating in any medium are welcome to this supportive, friendly group. Some field trips scheduled throughout the year. Contact Betty Brandt for more information.


The Justice Ministries at St. Luke's put faith into action to dismantle systems of injustice and oppression. Everyone is invited to join us.
As followers of Jesus, called to live into the reality of God's dream of shalom as described by Micah, we must address the epidemic of gun violence so "that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in God's paths." Therefore, we call upon United Methodists to prayerfully address gun violence in their local context. Let’s work to make a positive change together. As a church, we’re continuing a letter-writing campaign to end gun violence. Click here to write a letter/postcard on this or any subject.

Orange Ribbon Project:  The news about another shooting in Indianapolis has become so frequent it is easy to glaze over and just move on to the next tidbit of news. The St. Luke’s Ending Gun Violence Committee wants the St. Luke’s community to stop and pay attention. Participants in this project are invited to claim 2 orange ribbons and write the name of a 2021 gun homicide victim on both ribbons. One ribbon will go home with the person to pray for the family & friends of the victim. The other ribbon will be tied on a tree outside of door #1. Online congregants will be mailed a ribbon and the committee will tie their ribbon on the tree for them. Each person will be given information about the person killed. We will continue this project until Dec 31, 2021. It will take all of us to raise awareness and learn all we can to put an end to the rising number of gun homicides. Remember that many more people are wounded by gun violence, some recover, others may have wounds that change their lives forever. Please pray for them also. If you are interested in helping with this project or other Ending Gun Violence projects and events, please contact Mike Elliott. Click here to pick a name.

Every person is made in the image of God. No life is beyond His reach. This group exists to serve all those affected by crime and incarceration, and to see lives and communities restored in and out of prison—one transformed life at a time.

More Ways to Get Involved
The Indiana Remembrance Coalition (IRC) is an interracial group of people from a variety of walks of life and religious affiliations. It is based in the Community for Contemplation and Justice at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. The IRC is working with community members to address racial injustices and systemically unequal treatment toward African Americans in Indianapolis.

In 1922, the lynching of George Tompkins, a young black man in Indianapolis, was front-page news. But, it was quickly swept under the rug and has since been largely forgotten. The IRC was formed to ensure this crime, and others like it, are not forgotten. They're also partnering with the ground-breaking Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) in Montgomery, Alabama, to formally memorialize the Tompkins murder. In addition, the ICRC is seeking allies in eight other Indiana counties where more than a dozen lynchings have long gone largely unacknowledged. As the EJI puts it, “achieving equality, justice, and fairness for all Americans starts with learning and sharing the truth about our past.” 

The IRC gathers information and seeks community input and support. Its aim is to build awareness through personal and group interaction, classroom education, and media reporting as well as physical memorials such as markers, monuments, and murals.

The Social Action Committee supports members of the St. Luke’s community as we become agents of change, promoting compassionate social policies in accordance with the values of Matthew 25: feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, caring for sick and showing mercy to the incarcerated. Expect speakers, networking and conversation on crucial issues that affect the marginalized such as:

  • Ending gun violence
  • Homelessness
  • Immigration
  • Juvenile justice
  • Mass incarceration
  • Redistricting

The Social Action Committee meets the 1st (St. Luke’s meeting) and 3rd (multi-congregational meeting) Thursdays of every month from
9-11 AM, via Zoom. Email Betty Brandt for link. To become involved and/or request our current newsletter, contact us at

The mission of the Creation Care Ministry’ is to celebrate and care for God’s creation by educating, encouraging faith-based actions and enabling the St. Luke’s UMC community to conserve resources and promote environmental harmony through sustainable practices, classes, field trips, rallies, book studies, and the following recycling opportunities:

  • E-Waste: Anything with a cord can be taken to the beige construction trailer in the back parking lot to be safely recycled. Click here to view a list of acceptable items. A $15 donation for every CRT item (i.e. tube TV or monitor) recycled will cover the cost to St Luke's.
  • Styrofoam: Did you know that St. Luke's is a styrofoam-free facility? We also actively recycle a variety of items at our recycling area in the Central Passage. Take a look to see what you can bring in for easy disposal.
  • Paper & Cardboard: Our staff actively recycles all paper and cardboard.

Creation Care meets the second Sunday of every month at 12:15 PM via Zoom. Email Betty Brandt for link. To become involved and/or request our current newsletter contact us at

The Racial Justice Ministry actively engages the congregation and staff in actions to dismantle racism within the congregation and in the wider community. Expect speakers, networking and conversation on crucial issues that affect the racially marginalized such as:

  • Stereotyping
  • Race
  • Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Systemic Racism
  • ·White Privilege

Meets first Sunday of the month, 12:15 - 1:30PM via Zoom.  Email Betty Brandt for the link. To become involved and/or request our current newsletter, contact us at

Racial Justice Field Trips
Would you like to expand your firsthand knowledge about Indianapolis’ thriving black community? Join us on monthly field trips to black historic sites, soul food restaurants, black-themed theater productions and movies. Dates and times vary.

The Interfaith Relationships Ministry actively works to create harmony and fellowship with theologically and culturally diverse neighbors in order to speak to the bias-driven problems of our city. We offer opportunities for awareness, engagement and involvement through:

  • Book studies
  • Cooking classes
  • Speakers
  • Cultural experiences

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 1-2:30PM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link. To become involved, receive our monthly newsletter, and/or join our Leadership Team contact us at

Friends in Faith
3rd Saturday of every month, 11AM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
Expect intimate interfaith round table discussions about topics of religious and cultural relevance. Make friends with someone from a different religious tradition!

Exploring Religion and Mysticism
2nd Thursday of every month, 10AM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
Expect a different interfaith speaker each month followed by lively discussion.

The mission of the LGBTQ Ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those in the LGBTQ community, families of those in the LGBTQ community and all those in fellowship with the LGBTQ community. Adhering to St. Luke's mission, we will embrace being an open community of Christians helping people find and give hope though Jesus Christ. We welcome all to participate in the following activities:

  • Adult small groups for those in LGBTQ community
  • Small groups for parents with children in the LGBTQ community
  • LBGTQ events such as the Pride Parade & Festival
  • Collaboration with other LGBTQ organizations

To become involved and/or request our current newsletter contact us at


On Being: Communal Ponderings
9:30 - 10:30AM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
Conversation based around the weekly American Public Radio show and podcast “On Being” hosted by Krista Tippett. This exploration of faith, humanity, and ideas can be heard locally on 90.1 FM at 9PM on Thursdays, 7AM on Sundays or at

New Perspectives
11AM - 12PM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
Expect programs based on the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church focusing on human issues in the contemporary world.

All book studies are open to new members. Books chosen are both fiction and non-fiction.

Sunrise Women's Book Study
Wednesdays, 9-1030AM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
Start your day with friends, prayer, light breakfast and stimulating discussion.

New Earth Community
Thursdays, 6 - 7:30PM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
This group reads and discusses innovative spiritual books.

Tuesday Women's Spiritual Book Study
Tuesdays, 11:30AM - 1:30PM via Zoom. Contact Betty Brandt for link.
This group reads fiction and non-fiction books with spiritual themes.

Thursday Women's Book Study - NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
This group reads and discusses fiction and non-fiction books on topics of current interest.

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