Hunger Symposium

May 01, 2023

St. Luke’s Hunger Symposium will help us learn the truth about food need in our city and what we are doing about it. The results of a recent survey by the Indy Hunger Network show that: 25% of the Marion County population needs food assistance Indianapolis has a robust food safety net that provides over 150 million meals each year, and still 25% of households with food need miss meals every week The percentage of African American households with food need is twice as high as the general population 2/3 of households with food need have at least one person employed for wages The Hunger Symposium, through partnership with the Crooked Creek Food Pantry, honors our own Steve Claffey and his effort to end hunger in the city. The program will include: “The Working Hungry” 30-minute documentary produced by the Indy Hunger Network Three notable speakers who have contributed to the fight against hunger (see details below) Opportunities to volunteer and financially support the Crooked Creek Food Pantry Action steps to change the systems that leave the working poor with food insecurity.